September Challenge

Alright, you’ve had a month off and now it’s time to get back into competition mode with the SNBC September Challenge! This month, we are asking riders to tour southern Illinois! From Cairo to Sparta, Cave-in-Rock to the beautiful banks of Chester, southern Illinois has some of the most beautiful cycling routes in the entire country (we may have a slight bias)! With that in mind, we are challenging you to visit as many cities in southern Illinois as possible with the promise of a delicious growler of St. Nick’s beer awaiting you at the end of the month! This is open to both club members and non-club members.

Here are the rules:

1.       Every city you visit counts as an entry. You will need to take a picture of yourself at a local landmark or city sign and share the picture with us via email ( or on our facebook page.

2.       Rides must be at least ten-miles in length.

3.       If you want to count more than one city as an entry during your ride, you must ride at least 10 miles per city. (For example, two cities require 20 miles of riding, three cities require 30 miles of riding, etc.)

4.       At the end of the month, all entries will be put together and two lucky winners will be drawn for a growler of beer from the St. Nicholas Brewing Company or St. Nicholas Landmark.

5.       Drawing one will include club members and non-club members, while drawing two will include only club members.

6.       Riders cannot count the same city twice for multiple entries. For example, if you use Du Quoin as an entry on Sunday, you can’t use it again on Friday! Each city can only be used once.

7.       Rides must be outdoors.

8.       Have fun and enjoy southern Illinois!

July Challenge

July Challenge


What do France and southern Illinois have in common?  Delicious hills and tough wines! This month SNBC Cycling is bringing those two concepts together to challenge our riders while celebrating all that is beautiful in southern Illinois. Here’s the challenge:


We are offering our riders three shots at a bottle of beautiful wine from one of our celebrated wineries. Your goal is to climb as many feet as possible throughout the month of July. The male and female club members with the highest combined total elevation gain throughout the month will each win a bottle of wine.  All contestants will receive an entry toward our drawing for the third bottle of wine for every 1000’ of elevation gained.


So warm up the croissants, fill up those bidons, and let’s ride some hills!


The Required Rules
1. Contest is only open to club/team members of St. Nicholas Brewing Company Cycling.

2. Contest begins July 1 and ends July 31 at midnight.

3. Rides should be at least five miles in length and must be done outdoors.

4. Total elevation gain for each ride should be submitted to SNBC Cycling via our Facebook page or sent to our email address at

5. Entries should include your total distance, elevation gain, and a picture of your recording device or Strava /garmin entry.

6. Ride information should be submitted within 24 hours of completion of the ride.

7. SNBC Cycling will keep track of all riders’ elevation gain information and will post updates once every four days.

8. Every 1000’ of combined elevation gain will give a rider an entry toward our drawing for a free bottle of wine. For example, 4000’ of elevation gain equals four entries! 

9. The male and female riders with the highest combined elevation gain throughout the month will receive a free bottle of wine.

10. Contest winners will be able to choose one bottle of wine from one of the following local southern Illinois wineries: Blue Sky Winery, Feather Hills Winery, Star View Winery, Alto Vinyards, Hickory Ridge Winery, or Kite Hill Winery. (up to $25 value)

June BINGO Challenge


Our monthly challenge will have you attempting challenges found on the attached BINGO card. Our game will be a sort of Scavenger Hunt/BINGO hybrid, in which you will need to provide photo evidence of your BINGO squares. For example, if you ride with another rider on a red bike, you take a picture of his/her red bike, and post on our facebook page or send us an email. Grab a quick craft beer pre-/post- ride, grab a pic and send it to us.

Each square is an entry and each BINGO is another. Every entry will be put together and one competitor will be given a St. Nick's party pack ($20 gift card, SNBC socks, a bomber of brew, and two SNBC pint glasses)! Those that are able to blackout their BINGO card will be entered into another drawing for an even bigger prize (to be announced at a later time).  

Below are the rules and the challenge begins today, June 1!

1. Each square completed counts as an entry as does every BINGO.

2. BINGO includes five square across, five squares vertically, five squares horizontally, or four corners.

3. Riders must take a pic to support the square they complete and all entries must be ride related. (Ride with someone in a blue jersey, pass an armadillo during a ride, stop at a local winery and drink some wine, stop mid-ride at your local bike shop, take a pic of your garmin/odometer showing ride distance).

4. Pictures must be posted on our facebook page or sent to the club via email.

5. Riders may not submit more than one entry per ride. (Only one square per ride) A rider cannot ride on a red bike, smash an armadillo, and drink a beer in one ride and count it as three squares.

6. Ride for each square should be at least one mile. Breaks between rides should be at least 30 minutes (for those attempting more than one challenge in one day).

7. For the "Two Rides in One Day" square, the first ride of the day can fulfill a different square on the board that it matches. The second ride of the day will cover the "Two Ride" square.

8. All entries will be put together and a winner will be drawn from the bunch. This person will receive $50+ of St. Nick's prizes (bomber of beer, pair of SNBC socks, two pint glasses, and a $20 gift card.

9. All riders that complete a black out (complete all squares) by then end of the month will be placed in a second drawing for an additional prize.

10. The free entry square is just that, free. Riders do not have to complete a ride to earn the square.

11. This previously mentioned awards are only open to club/team members of SNBC Cycling and begins June 1 (ending June 30.)

12. Non-members of the club will be entered into a separate drawing for a pair of SNBC Cycling socks and a St. Nicholas Brewing Co. hat.

Download your BINGO card here

Prediction Time Trial Series - Event #1

Carbondale West – Evergreen Park


While the weather kept several riders at bay, a brave nine riders tackled the 15-mile paved course to test their prediction skills and raise money for River Ratz Cycling (getting more kids on bikes!)

As the light rain kept the roads slick and clear, Donny was the first rider to overcome the hills and elements, finishing the ride in 47 minutes and 40 seconds, two and half minutes off his estimate and setting a high bar for the rest of the riders.

Next in was the indomitable Fred Carter and speedy Dean Payne, just over six minutes and 11 minutes over their estimated times. They were followed by Jim Jacobs, who despite slipping on the roads three times, came in just over five minutes over his estimate! Sue Kramer was next, throwing all concern for time out the window and finishing over 15 minutes ahead of estimated time (great job, Sue!).

With confidence growing, Donny watched as Mean Gene Gross was the next to roll in, coolly missing his mark by only two minutes and 14 seconds off his estimate! A new leader!!! Katie rolled in thirty seconds later, just five minutes over her predicted time, keeping her out of the running for the win.  Karen Hand popped in next, again showcasing some amazing riding, finishing over 10 minutes ahead of her predicted time!

A wry smile came across Gene’s face as he said, “Meathead, where’s my money?” Little did he know, Deann Jacobs was still on the course, preparing for an upset! As the clock ticked, Gene realized the race was on and the pressure became too much, sending him off to tackle another fifty back to Du Quoin to ride away his nerves.

Suddenly, a bright red jacket appeared…DEANN! As the clouds parted and the sun shined down on the lone remaining rider, she rolled closer and closer to her predicted time, casually making her way through Evergreen Park. As she crossed the line, the crowd cheered only to find she was officially two minutes and 24 seconds off her estimate, 10 seconds further back than the leader of the 2019 Prediction Time Trial series (brought to you by the Bike Surgeon of Carbondale), Gene Gross!

Keep your schedule clear for next month’s time trial, as the riders try to knock Gene off of his throne and work their way toward the $150 gear and swag prize at the end of the series. As for now, Mr. Gross, enjoy your $20 prize!

Series Points after first PTT

Gene G. – 11 points

Deann J. – 10 points

Donny M. – 9 points

Katie A. – 8 points

Jim J. – 7 points

Fred C. – 6 points

Karen H. – 5 points

Dean P. – 4 points

Sue K. – 3 points

May Challenge - A month of (forced) unity

We all know the benefits of cycling, as well as its superiority to nearly all other athletic feats showcased by humankind. Unfortunately, man (and woman) can not live off of biking alone! (at least not this month) Rumor has it that cross-training can make you a stronger rider and we're going to put that to the test. We are teaming up with the fun folks of the River to River Runners Strava Club to create a challenge that will see their crew biking and our crew running. Your goal on weekdays is to either run three miles or bike 10 miles, or both in one day! On the weekend, you're required to do both in one day! Your prize? A gift card to our friends at the Bike Surgeon and a new pair of cycling socks! Read below for more info:

One competitor will have his or her entry randomly selected to receive the overall prize: a $50 gift card to the Bike Surgeon of Carbondale as well as pair of SNBC Cycling socks

Each club (River to River Runners Strava Club and St. Nicholas Brewing Co. Cycling Club) will then choose one member of their club to receive the secondary prize: a $25 gift card to the Bike Surgeon of Carbondale and a pair of SNBC Cycling socks. 


1. The contest begins May 1 and will end at midnight on May 31. 

2. All entries must come from outdoor activity (no treadmills, no trainers).

3. Entries can be earned by running three miles or biking ten miles (both are minimums, you can do more!)

4. During the week (Monday - Friday), contestants can earn up to two entries per day, one for the run and one for the bike. On the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), contestants must complete both activities to receive an entry, with only one entry available on those two days. 

5. To submit entries, contestants are to post a picture of themselves and/or their garmin or other distance recording device on the club Facebook page or send an email. If using Strava, a picture of activity will also count.

6. Tag your picture with #drorders

7. Contestants must be a member of either the River to River Strava Club or the St. Nicholas Brewing Company Cycling Club. If you aren't a member to either and you want to compete, join us!

8. The winner of the overall prize will have his or her name removed for the drawing for the secondary prize. 

9. Winners will be announced the first week of June.

10. If a member of both clubs, each entry only counts once (no double dipping!)

March Challenge

2019 has begun and SNBC Cycling is ready to bring on the fun with our monthly challenges. As the weather plays games, we want to challenge our crew to knock out as many miles as possible for the month of March. Here is the challenge:

Riders are shooting to ride their bikes as often as possible, inside or out! For every 50 miles that a rider completes, he or she will receive an entry for the monthly prize: free entry into the Tour of Hermann and a set of Panaracer Gravel King tires! At the end of month, we will draw one name from all of the entries and he or she will be the winner for this awesome event.

And now, the rules…

1.       After completing a ride, riders should submit a picture of themselves and their activity distance (either of garmin reading, strava activity, or Zwift snapshot) to or to the SNBC Cycling facebook page and tag our friends at the Alpine Shop (@Alphineshop).

2.       We will keep track of riders distances and will post updates every 3-4 days

3.       Every 50 miles completed will gain an entry into the monthly drawing. At the end of the month, all entries will be put into a St. Nick’s hat and one lucky name will be drawn and designated the winner.

4.       Rides/entries  may begin as early as 12:01 a.m. Friday, March 1 and are due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 31.

5.       Rides may be done insider on a trainer or outside on the open road (or trail).

6.       Rides should be submitted within 24 hours of completion.

October Challenge

How many days a week can you ride? This month, we’re going to find out!

Your challenge: ride as many days during the week as you can. Reward? One male club member, one female club member, and one non-club member will be receiving a gift certificate to the top cycling shop in southern Illinois, the Bike Surgeon of Carbondale!

So how do you compete? Every day that you ride, post a picture of yourself (pre-, post-, or during ride) to our club facebook page (or email) and share how many miles you tackled. Rides must be at least 10 miles long and only one ride per day will count. At the end of the week, the rider with the most days ridden for the week will receive an entry to the drawing being held at the end of the month. Five weeks, five chances to gain an entry. Every Sunday at midnight, the board is reset and the new week begins.

Since we’re awesome and the Bike Surgeon is awesome, we’ll actually be giving away three entries every week for one male and female club member and one non-member because…all cyclists are awesome! Alright, new challenges require rules and here are ours:


One. Rides must be at least 10 miles in distance.

Two. Riders must submit a picture of themselves each day they ride, posting on either club Facebook page or sending image to club email at Image should be accompanied by distance rode that day. 

Three. All rides must be completed outdoors.

Four. Riders may submit only one ride per day.

Five. At the end of each week, the male and female rider with the most days ridden will receive an entry for the month’s prize. A separate entry will also be given to a non-club member with the most days ridden each week. (Three riders given an entry each week)

Six. In the event of a tie at the end of the week, the rider who first submitted a ride that week will receive the entry.

Seven. At the end of the month, there will be a random drawing for a male club member winner, a female club member winner, and a non-club member winner. Each category will have five possible entries, one for each week of the month.

Eight. Prizes will be awarded as follows: male club winner receives $25 gift certificate to the bike surgeon of Carbondale, female club winner receives $25 gift certificate to bike surgeon of Carbondale, and non-club member wins $15 gift certificate to the bike surgeon of Carbondale. 

Nine. Contest will begin Monday, October 1 at 4:00 AM. Weekly time frame will begin every Monday morning at 12:01 A.M. and will end each Sunday at midnight. Posts/emails must be made during that time. Entries made outside of that timeframe will not be counted.

Ten. The final week will consist of Monday, October 29 through Wednesday, October 31 and will close at midnight.

Final October Challenge Standings:

Week 1: Oct. 1- Fred Carter, Brad Blakey, Shawn Moore, Dean Payne, Josh Ticer, Tom Welge
Oct. 2 - Anita Bloomquist, Brad Blakely, Fred Carter, Dean Payne, Shawn Moore
Oct. 3 - Fred Carter, Dean Payne, Shawn Moore
Oct. 4 - Tom Welge, Fred Cater, Brad Blakey, Bryan Gottschalk
Oct. 5 - Fred Carter, Dean Payne, Brad Blakey, Bryan Gottschalk
Oct. 6 - Fred Carter, Tom Welge, Brad Blakey, Dean Payne, Shawn Moore
Oct. 7 - Dean Payne, Fred Carter, Bryan Gottschalk
First Week Entry Winners: Fred Carter, Anita Bloomquist, Bryan Gottschalk

Week 2: Oct. 8 - Donny Moberley, Katie Ancell, Fred Carter, Dean Payne, Bryan Gottschalk
Oct. 9 - Fred Carter
Oct. 10 - Tom Welge, Anita Bloomquist
Oct. 11 - Fred Carter, Tom Welge
Oct. 12 - Tom Welge
Oct. 14 - Fred Carter, Tom Welge
Second Week Entry Winners: Fred Carter, Katie Ancell, Bryan Gottschalk

Week 3: Oct. 15 - Tom Welge, Dean Payne
Oct. 16 - Tom Welge, Fred Carter
Oct. 17 - Fred Carter
Oct. 18 - Tom Welge, Fred Carter
Oct. 19 - 0
Oct. 20 - Fred Carter, Dean Payne
Oct. 21 - Tom Welge, Fred Carter
Third Week Entry Winner: Fred Carter

Week 4: Oct. 22 - Tom Welge
Oct. 23 - Tom Welge, Fred Carter
Oct. 24 - Fred Carter
Oct. 25 - Tom Welge, Fred Carter
Oct. 27 - Tom Welge
Oct. 28 - Fred Carter
Fourth Week Entry Winner: Tom Welge

Week 5: Oct. 29 - 0
Oct. 30 - Donny Moberley
Oct. 31 - 0
Fifth Week Entry Winner: Donny Moberley

October Challenge Winners: Male Club ($25) - Fred Carter, Female Club ($25) - Katie Ancell, Non-club Member ($15): Bryan Gottschalk

Congratulations to all of our winners and a special thanks to everyone that entered and to our sponsor, The Bike Surgeon of Carbondale!

September Challenge

September has begun and it’s time for a new challenge: this month, it’s time to lace up those kicks and get your bi- on! We’re interested in what’s making those runners so happy and why not go through some torture as the weather cools off? As the Colorfest Biathlon in Anna, IL approaches, we are challenging club members to run and bike in the same day. That’s right, bike AND run!

The reward? One male and one female club member will receive a $25 gift certificate to southern Illinois’ newest running/outdoor exercise store, Run to Succeed of Marion. Looking for some rules? Here you go:

1. Prizes are only open to current SNBC Cycling members. If you want to win, join the club!

2. Competitors must run AND bike in the same day. Runs must be at least one mile in length and rides must be at least 10 miles in length.

3. Each day that a competitor completes a run and a bike ride, they will receive an entry. At the end of the month, all entries will be put together with one male and one female being selected for a gift certificate.

4. Run and bike ride need to be recorded on Strava and then posted to our club facebook page (or emailed to Never tried Strava? Now’s the time to try something new. The app is free and if you’re concerned with others following you, settings can be set to private.

5. All runs and rides must be outdoors.

6. Competitors are limited to one entry per day.

7. Challenge starts September 2 and ends Sunday, September 30.

8. All entries must be posted (or emailed) by 11:56 p.m. on Sept. 30.

9. Winners will be announced by Tuesday, Oct. 2.

10. ***Run AND bike with a friend in the same day, receive two entries for that day! (must be the same friend)

Prediction Time Trial Series Heating Up!

Saturday, July 28 saw the streets of Du Quoin heating up as SNBC Cycling hosted its third event of the Prediction Time Trial Series! 19 riders showed up to test themselves on the 20.9-mile out-and-back course that contained a small loop, a few hidden hills, and the possibility for racing as riders seemed to be feeling the spirit of the Tour de France. When the last rider finished and all times were calculated, every rider had overestimated their time with the wise yet sassy Ted Wichmann finishing 22 minutes and 22 seconds faster than predicted!

The winner of the day was a newcomer to the series, as Lee Messersmith rode in from Benton and then dominated the competition riding the course in 1 hr 2 min 37 sec (1 minutes and 23 seconds faster than predicted). The race also brought seven other new riders into the series, with Justin B. completing 20-miles for the second time ever in his riding career! Fred Isberner also livened up the day, dragging Ted W. and Brandon H. to the line in an all out race that included missing a turn.

The big news for the series was Katie Ancell slightly losing her grip on the competition as she went out stronger than expected (was this Gene's plan?) and finished 5min 20sec faster than predicted, opening the door for several competitors. Gretchen M. is only four points back, while her hubby David is tied for third with Donny. Can Katie keep from faltering again next month and what will happen now that David and Gretchen are separated in points?

The next course will be  planned by Lee Messersmith and Shon Hargis (another new rider to the series) in the Rend Lake area on August 25. All are welcome as we raise money to put #morekidsonbikes with River Ratz Cycling. Current fundraising is up to $150!

Prediction Time Trial #3 Results
1. Lee Messersmith - 1m 23s (time difference)
2. Patricia Gross - 2m 20s
3. Carol - 2m 21s
4. Donny Moberley - 3m 48s
5. Gene Gross - 4m
6. Gretchen Mason - 4m 2s
7. David Mason - 4m 4s
8. Katie Ancell - 5m 20s
9. Shon Hargis - 5m 54s
10. Fred Carter - 6m 5s
10. Cory Wisniewski - 6m 5s
12. Brandon Hirsch - 7m 31s
13. Matt Benson - 7m 50 s
14. Fred Isberner - 9m 32s
15. Wesley Andrew - 10m 4s
16. Candy Isberner - 13m 30 s
17. Justin Baggott - 14m 15s
18. Ted "the bullet" Wichmann - 22m 22s
19. Sarah Andrew - DNF

Overall Series Standings (after three events)
1. Katie Ancell - 21 points
2. Gretchen Mason - 17 points
3. David Mason - 16 points
3. Donny Moberley - 16 points
5. Gene Gross - 11 points
6. Candy Ticer - 10 points
6. Patricia Gross - 10 points
6. Lee Messersmith - 10 points
9. Miles Meador - 9 points
10. Patrick Work - 8 points
10. Carol - 8 points
12. Austin Zahm - 7 points
13. Shawn Moore - 6 points
14. Josh Ticer - 4 points
14. Tricia Work - 4 points
16. Amanda Lowery - 3 points
17. Larry Williams - 2 points
17. Shon Hargis - 2 points
19. Fred Carter - 1 point
19. Cory Wisniewski - 1 point
19. Christine - 1 point
22. Wesley Andrew, Anita Bloomquist, Jennifer Dagg, Justin Baggott, Matt Benson, Sarah Andrew, The Bullet Wichmann, Candy Isberner, Fred Isberner, Brandon Hirsch - 0 points

July Challenge

It's July which means the Tour de France is upon us! When we at SNBC Cycling think of France, we think of two things: beautiful hills and tasty wine! Luckily, we have the same things in southern Illinois, which brings us to our July Challenge!

This month, SNBC cyclists are being challenged to visit some local wineries by bike, snap some pictures, and put them on our facebook page! One lucky rider will be chosen to receive $20 in Shawnee Wine Trail Wine Bucks (

Here are the rules:
1. While all riders are welcome to join in the fun, only SNBC Cycling club members will be eligible for the prize.
2. Riders must ride to and visit a winery and take a picture of themselves at the winery. Pictures should then be uploaded to the SNBC Cycling facebook page with a title of the winery they are visiting.
3. Rides must be at least ten miles in length.
4. Riders may visit as many wineries as they like throughout their ride with each winery counting as an entry.
5. Riders may submit only one entry per winery per day.
6. The challenge will last from July 1 - midnight on July 31. On August 1, a winner will be randomly chosen from all of the entries received throughout July.
7. Have fun and tour wine country!