April Challenge: Bingo!

Our monthly challenge will have you attempting challenges found on the attached BINGO card. Our game will be a sort of Scavenger Hunt/ BINGO hybrid, in which you will need to provide photo evidence of your BINGO squares. For example, if you ride with another rider in an SNBC Jersey, you take a picture of his/her jersey, and post on our Facebook page or send us an email at stnickcycling@gmail.com . Grab a quick craft beer pre-/postride, grab a pic and send it to us.

Each square is an entry and each BINGO is another. Every entry will be put together and one competitor will be given a St. Nick’s party pack ($20 gift card, SNBC socks, a bomber of brew, and two SNBC pint glasses)! Those that are able to blackout their BINGO card will be entered into another drawing for an even bigger prize (see below).

Below are the rules and the challenge begins April 1, 2022.

  1. Each square completed counts as an entry as does every BINGO.
  2. BINGO includes five square across, five squares vertically, or five squares horizontally.
  3. Riders must take a pic to support the square they complete and all entries must be ride related. (Ride with someone in a SNBC jersey, pass an
    armadillo during a ride, stop at a local winery and drink some wine, stop mid-ride at your local bike shop, take a pic of your Garmin/odometer showing
    ride distance).
  4. Pictures must be posted on our facebook page or sent to the club via email at stnickcycling@gmail.com
  5. Riders may not submit more than one entry per ride. (Only one square per ride) A rider cannot ride on a multi-colored bike, smash an armadillo,
    and drink a beer in one ride and count it as three squares.
  6. Ride for each square should be at least ten miles. Breaks between rides should be at least 30 minutes (for those attempting more than one
    challenge in one day).
  7. For the “Two Rides in One Day” square, the first ride of the day can fulfill a different square on the board that it matches. The second ride of the
    day will cover the “Two Ride” square.
  8. All entries will be put together and a winner will be drawn from the bunch. Club members will be eligible to receive $50+ of St. Nick’s prizes (bomber
    of beer, pair of SNBC socks, two pint glasses, and a $20 gift card. Non-club members will be eligible for $25 of St. Nick’s prizes (pair of SNBC socks,
    $10 gift card to Bike Surgeon of southern Illinois, and a $10 gift card to St. Nicholas Brewing Company).
  9. All riders that complete a black out (complete all squares) by then end of the month will be placed in a second drawing for an additional prize: a
    free set of new tires (gravel or slick tires)
  10. The contest ends on April 30, 2022. All entries should be submitted within 24 hours of completion of the ride.
  11. All rides must be outside (spin class exception) and are meant to be fun. So get out, ride, and show off what you’ve got!