June Elevation Challenge

June Challenge

As the temperature rises, we at SNBC Cycling are ready to heat up the roads with the return of our elevation challenge! This month, we are challenging riders to climb as much as possible for both bragging rights and some awesome prizes. We will also be bringing back our Mountain Goat Challenge, challenging riders to be the top of class climber in southern Illinois! Check out the details below and let’s see what you’ve got.

Rules/Regulations/Tips to Keep the Challenge Interesting

1.       Challenge begins June 1, 2022 and ends June 30,2022. All submissions must be made by midnight on the 30th.

2.       Rides should be at least eight miles in length and must be outdoors.

3.       When completing a ride, riders should post a photo of themselves on our Facebook page or send a picture of themselves to the club email at stnickcycling@gmail.com as well as a listing of distance and elevation gain for their ride.

4.       Every four to five days, we will post an update on our Facebook page regarding challengers’ gains. We will also send an email to participating riders every weekend to keep them aware of standings.

5.       Every week, we will randomly choose one rider to win a prize from a local business in southern Illinois or from the bike club. To be eligible for the prize, riders must have made submission during the week. Winning rider does not need to be in the lead of competition, he/she only needs to have made a submission.

6.       On July 1st, we will tally everyone’s distances and the top three riders with highest elevation gains will be put in a raffle for the Elevation Challenge prize pack. Package will include SNBC Cycling socks, a Bike Surgeon of southern Illinois buff, a new cycling helmet from our friends at Cycle1 Bikes & Fitness, and a few bottles of brew of the St. Nicholas Brewing Company. Riders must be members of the club to be eligible for this prize package.

7.       The SNBC Cycling rider with the highest elevation gain for the month will be deemed the “2022 Mountain Goat of soIL”! He or she will receive a custom St. Nicholas Brewing Company growler, polka dot socks, a polka dot water bottle, and a new pair of Goodr shades to celebrate their accomplishment.

8.       Challenges are meant to be fun and celebrate the awesome riders within the SNBC Cycling organization. If you want to win, join the crew!