October Challenge – Tour soIL

This month, we are challenging club members to tour southern Illinois communities and local landmarks. Your goal is to visit as many towns on two wheels as possible between Oct. 5 and Nov. 5. Every town that you ride through will count as an entry for our prize: over $200 worth of local products including food, alcohol (or soda), apparel, and cycling gear. Read below for additional details and challenge rules.

The Necessary Details

1. Challenge begins Wednesday, Oct. 5 and ends on Saturday, Nov. 5 at midnight.

2. Every town you ride through counts as an entry in our drawing for the $200 prize. You can ride through as many different towns as you would like during your ride and each town counts as an entry. After completing your ride, please email your ride details to us at stnickcycling@gmail.com We are interested in distance of ride and the names of the towns/villages/cities you rode through.

3. Each town can only count for one entry. For example, if you ride through Carbondale six times throughout the month, it can only count as one entry, not six.

4. BONUS ENTRIES: If you pass a local landmark during your ride, snap a pic of yourself in front of the landmark and email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. Each landmark photo gives you another entry in the challenge. Examples may be the Popeye statue in Chester, Bald Knob Cross in Alto Pass, the Superman statue in Metropolis, etc.

5. The prize package will include items from: The Bike Surgeon of southern Illinois, Wichmann Vineyard, The St. Nicholas Brewing Company, Big Muddy Brewing, Flo-Dough Sourdough, River to River Farm, Angie’s Honey, Bison Bluff Farms, and more!

6. Rides should be at least ten miles in distance.

7. Ride details and photos should be submitted within 24 hours of ride completion.

8. Remember, our monthly challenges are meant to be fun. Get outside and enjoy!